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                 Acharya Pathasala Evening College of Arts & Commerce
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  Permanently Affiliated in - Bangalore University, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
Established in 1964



                                                  Dr.C.M.Hanumantharayappa., M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.,

50 years ego our great visionary Prof. N. Ananthachar by establishing first Evening College in Karnataka not only expanded the concept of ‘Learn while you earn’ but provided a Golden opportunity to those students who belonged to economically and socially deprived classes. By doing this he also provided shelter for the youthful dreams amidst their day to day striving life. With the help of this so many people realized their goals and achieved respectable positions in society. In the context of Golden Jubilee year of the college, it is my duty to remember this. It is my privilege too.

In the changing scenario with the advent of globalization, liberalization, privatization, and advancement in Information Technology the outlook of the society and generation has changed. Accordingly, we must also adjust to the changes. Competition in all fields is imminent. In this context with the help of experienced and young staff and generous management we are progressing at a great force to re- shape the system. For this we request the students, parents, educationists and alumni to join hands with us in uplifting the values of education. LET US JOIN HANDS IN THIS ENDEAVOUR.